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How to Submit Multi-Object Mask Files

Users must submit their LDSS3 mask files using the LCO on-line LDSS3 Slit Mask Manager. For LDSS3 masks, it is necessary to submit the final .nc file with up to 7 sub-masks included. Please do not use any form of compression on the uploaded files.

You can monitor the status of your masks using the mask LDSS3 DATABASE.

Instructions for designing masks and downloading software to do this are found here.


  • All slit mask files must be submitted at least 6 weeks in advance of an observing run.
  • David Osip must give permission for files to be submitted between 3-6 weeks before a run. We cannot guarantee that masks will be cut in this interval.
  • NO masks will be cut less than 3 weeks before the deadline.


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