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IMACS spectral atlas

Longslit HeNeAr arc spectra for the main IMACS dispersing elements

You may find the following FITS files useful for reference or planning. They each contain a wavelength-calibrated 1-D spectrum for one of the main dispersing elements available on IMACS at f/2. These are also available on the data disks on both observer workstations in the Baade dome at:



Click on the figure title to download the actual FITS files containing the spectra. The figures are meant as a quick reference guide only. You can view them close up by right-clicking and selecting "View image" or "View image in new screen/tab" (in most browsers).


GRATING 150      HeNeAr_grat150_3-4deg.png

GRATING 300      HeNeAr_grat300_6-0deg.png

GRATING 600      HeNeAr_grat600_8-6_9-34deg.png

GRATING 1200    HeNeAr_grat1200_26-7_27-0deg.png

GRISM 150           HeNeAr_gris150.png

GRISM 200           HeNeAr_gris200.png

GRISM 300           HeNeAr_gris300.png

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