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Carnegie Astrometic Planet Search Camera (CAPSCam)



  • Focal ratio: f/7.5
  • Scale: 10.8 arcsec/mm


  • Teledyne Hawaii-2RG HyViSi Array: 2048x2048 (18 µm pixels) (2040x2040 imaging pixels)  Q.E. graph graph
  • Detector Gain, Readout Noise, and Linearity:

       gain = 2.1 electrons/ADU
       read noise = 12.5 electrons
       linear full well = 130,000 electrons

Pixel Size & Field:

  • Pixel size: 0.194 arcsec
  • Field: 6.63 x 6.63 arcmin


  • The dewar window is an astrometric quality filter (Barr Associates, lambda/30) with a 8100 - 9100 A bandpass.

Staff Contacts:


  • Ian Thompson (ian at
  • Miguel roth (miguel at
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