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Direct CCD Camera (CCD)



    • Focal ratio: f/7
    • Scale: 29.0 arcsec/mm



    • E2V CCD231-84 4096x4112  (15 µm pixels)
    • SITe#3: 2048x3150 (15 µm pixels);  (decommissioned)


Pixel Size & Field:

CCD Pixel Size (arcsec)     Field (arcmin)

E2V CCD231-84
0.435 29.7x29.8



Filter Wheel:

    • 10 slots


Filter Size:

    • Up to 3-inch square (maximum thickness 0.45 inches)
    • 5-inch circular (maximum thickness 0.24 inches)




    • U,Harris BVR,I
    • Washington C,M,T1,DD051,T2


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