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Magellan Remote Observations Contingency Plans (presently suspended until further notice!)

Attention: Our implementation of remote observing contingency plans have been suspended until further notice. The observatory will initiate a pause in operations beginning 17 March 2020 with a duration of at least 14 days. 
Dear Magellan community,
With the Coronavirus situation rapidly evolving, we want to provide you updated information on observations at Magellan and current contingency plans. We understand that travel to Chile is prohibited for many members of our community. Therefore, we have put in place alternative modes for astronomers to obtain data. Our contingency plan will activate for all observing runs scheduled for the remainder of March and April and will be extended as necessary.
1. LCO will provide remote observing capabilities with on site support through the night via local contracted support astronomers. 
2. In the case of astronomers with awarded observing time that can neither travel to LCO nor observe remotely, they will need to communicate directly with the observatory at least one week in advance of their run.  LCO will coordinate the locally contracted support astronomers to be capable of carrying out service observing in such instances.  This will require following the Magellan Guidelines for Service Observing.  It would be helpful to prepare to follow these guidelines for all cases of remote observing as well in order to provide failsafe backup to continue the observing program if network failures occur.
While we will do everything we can to make these options available to all international observers, there may be some observations that we cannot accommodate. In particular, some PI instruments may not be available in these modes and some awarded time may need to be reassigned by the appropriate TAC. 
Observers who have collaborators in Chile carrying out observations should notify the LCO staff as soon as possible. All other observers should read and follow the remote observing instructions prior to your run. 
If you have any questions about these changes, please feel free to reach out to us at any time via 
John Mulchaey, Polo Infante and David Osip


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