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Visitor Information

Visiting Observer Guide
Please read this document carefully as it contains important information pertaining to your visit to LCO.
Guidelines for Observers
The Magellan Telescopes are operated in a 100% "classical" mode where the visiting astronomer is physically present and responsible for data acquisition. The operations staff is not designed to provide significant support to visiting astronomers at night, so it is expected that observers will be experienced and self-sufficient. The following guidelines must therefore be strictly adhered to.
Weekly Transportation Schedule
This document gives the weekly transportation schedule between La Serena and LCO for visitors.
Charges for Services at LCO
Visitors are responsible for charges incurred during their stay at LCO. Values for charges are updated on a yearly basis.
LCO Forticlient SSL VPN Configuration
Forticlient is supported on OSX and Windows machines, linux machines use a different method explained at the end of this tutorial.
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