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MIKE calibrations

Here we provide some reference numbers for calibrations with MIKE

Note: Be aware that every time MIKE is installed the position of the quartz lamp might change slightly leading to 10% fluctuation of the counts. If the counts are a lot less than what reported in the tables below, it means that the lamp is not aligned with the slit. In such case please inform the daytime crew. 

Flats: Internal Quartz lamps - binning 2x2 - speed fast  (updated July 2018)

Slit size Blue Red
  exptime counts exptime counts
 0.35" 10s 30000  3s  29000
 0.5"  9s  36000  3s  44000
 0.7"  6s  34000  2s  37000
 1.0"  4s  29000  1s  30000
 1.5"  3s  33000  1s  42000
 2.0"  2s  32000  1s  59000


Milky flats: same configuration as above but with the diffuser inserted (updated July 2018) 

Slit size Blue Red
  exptime counts exptime counts
 0.35"  32s 28000  15s  26000
 0.5"  25s 29000  12s  27000
 0.7"  17s 27000  8s  25000
 1.0"  13s 30000  7s  31000
 1.5"  10s 32000  5s  32000
 2.0"  7s 32000  3s  27000
Sky flats: to be done in daytime with louvres open at 50% and flat screen in. The following exposure times give between 35000 and 45000counts at peak (2x2 binning, speed fast). This results to ~600counts above background on the less efficient part of the blue side and ~1500counts for the red side. 

Slit size Blue Red
  exptime counts
at peak
exptime counts
at peak
 0.7"  100s 40000  30s  48000
 1.0"  90s 40000  20s  40000
 1.5"  45s 40000  10s  35000
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